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Is "Upgraded" the Romcom We've Been Waiting For? A Movie Review

Upgraded movie poster on amazon prime video

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Rating: 4/5

I started this movie on a whim and immediately became obsessed with the story. It has everything you need for a cliche, classy romcom: girl meets guy thanks to fate, girl lies to guy about her entire life, and she tries to not get caught juggling her job and love life. Classic romcom material!

Ana is living on a futon in her sister's small New York apartment. She has a masters degree in art history and has the dream to open her own gallery. She has to start where every dream does: at the bottom of the totem pole for a cutthroat boss.

Ana has been given an opportunity to travel to London with her boss and two assistants that make her life hell. Because of the way they treat her, the ticketing lady at the airport upgrades Ana to FIRST CLASS! There, she meets Will, a rich guy from England. They start talking and immediately hits it off, but he misinterprets what she says and starts to think that Ana is the director of her company. She decides to go along with it and that eventually leads her into a sticky situation when she learns that Will and his mother are involved in the auction that her company is assisting with. Can she keep the act up and please everyone?

As cliche as this was, I really enjoyed watching this. I thought this was so much fun! I loved seeing a young woman trying to work her way up and be successful in her career. Characters like this really inspire me to want to work hard and make my dreams come true. I love strong and powerful women! On top of that, the added drama was so entertaining. I can't even describe just how stressed I was with the thought of her getting caught. I was on the edge of my set the whole time waiting for it to happen! I enjoyed Ana's relationship with her boss, Will's mom, and of course, Will.

I enjoyed the romance in this movie, however, it was not my favorite part. I thought Will and Ana were cute and the development of their relationship was there: they meet, flirt, go on dates, third act breakup, and they make up. It was classic and cute. However, I think my favorite relationship aspect was between Ana and her boss, Claire. I loved seeing Ana earn the respect of another woman who is so successful in her career. Claire noticed Ana's skill and in the end, Ana earned the respect and recommendation from another powerful woman. I think these types of mentor/mentee relationships are so fun to see being developed.

"Upgraded" was such a fun romcom movie and I recommend watching if you like a classic and cheesy story about a girl finding love and trying to be a successful career woman.

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