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The Clover Chapel (Jamison Valley #2) by Devney Perry

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Cover of The Clover Chapel by Devney Perry

Rating: 4/5 ★

Read: 7/2/23 - 7/5/23

After reading The Coppersmith Farmhouse, I was itching to start the next book in the Jamison Valley series! I listed to this on Audible and was just hooked from start to finish. Picture this: you go to Vegas, meet the love of your life, marry him, and he leaves. All in one night. Emmeline took one risk and it ended in heartbreak.

Years later, she's moving to Montana to become a teacher after living in New York working for her father. She wants to leave her bubble and finally pursue her own dreams rather than do what her father initially wants her to do. How is that in a small town she manages to run into the guy from that one night who broke her heart? They haven't seen each other in nine years, but there is still that electric chemistry between them. Little does Emmeline know, Nick actually left her to protect her, but from what?

Just like the first book in the series, I was immediately transported to Prescott, Montana! We get to see more of the town and get a deeper look into the friend group. Emmeline is an elementary school teacher and she has Rowan in her class, Gigi and Jess' daughter. She immediately befriends Gigi and gets initiated into the friend group with Macie, Silas, Beau and, to her surprise, Nick. The guy who broke her heart. Nick is one of Jess' closest friends. Once he sees Emmeline, he wants a second chance at their relationship. I really enjoyed seeing their relationship progress as Nick tried to win her over. As we get deeper into the story, we learn more about Nick's family and why he wanted them away from Emmeline's. The added small town romantic suspense was the ultimate cherry on top. Loved this!

Read this if you like:

- small town romance

- second chance romance

- one night stand

- suspense/mystery

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