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The Nanny by Lana Ferguson

The Nanny By Lana Ferguson

Rating: 3/5

Read: 9/15/23 - 10/13/23

I had really high hopes for this book. I saw The Nanny by Lana Ferguson circulating around TikTok for a couple months and wanted to read it to see what people loved about it. Cassie is a college student who is struggling financially. We learn that she used to do Only Fans and made a decent living from that, but a situation occurred that stopped her from continuing. She meets Aiden, a hot chef, who needs a nanny for his daughter. She moves in to their home and there is quickly tension between the two.

I thought this book started out amazing. I really enjoyed the pacing, getting to know the characters, and the way the plot was being built up. Cassie finds an ad for a live in nanny, applies, and gets the job. What makes this fun is that she moves in and you can immediately sense the tension between her and Aiden. Cassie really ends up caring for his daughter and you can see that Aiden really appreciates that. They eventually give into the tension and get together.

While I do think that they're cute and this book had some decent spice scenes, I just became bored of the book. At around 60%, I kind of just lost interest. I could also sense a dumb third act break up coming. Character A likes character B, but character A tries to 'sacrifice' their relationship and happiness because they think character B is better off without them. I think that is such a stupid reason and I HATE when that happens. This happened in this book and I was pretty much skimming the last chunk of the book. It was alright. It was not horrible. It was not very memorable. While this was not my favorite, you may like it.

Read this if you like:

- single dad

- nanny romance

- secret past

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